PCU Micro Tracer unit Gen.4

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PCU Micro Tracer unit Gen. 4 description
• Slightly brighter than gen. 3
• Battery lasts up to 20,000 rounds / 7 days (power on)
• Can sustain tracer function without limitation of rps
• High power and efficiency LEDs
• Supports green bbs
• Simple single button operation interface
• Three side light sources to light up BBs
• Charging level indicator (No light – fully charged, Red – charging)
• Built-in Lipo rechargeable battery and protection board to avoid
• Maximum extension of inner barrel in to tracer unit: 25mm
• Also works on GBB replicas

Color:             Black
Diameter:      31mm
Length:          85mm
Threads:         14mm CCW (replaceable threads: 14CW)
Material:        Aluminum
Weight:          77g

Package include:
1x PCU Micro Tracer unit Gen.3 Shell
1x PCU Micro Tracer unit Gen.3 14CCW Threads
1x PCU Micro Tracer unit Gen.3 Front Cap
1x PCU Micro Tracer unit Engine Gen.4
1x PCU Sticker 50mm
1x Charging cable
1x Instruction manual