TechT Gun Sav Grease

TechT Gun Sav Grease

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Super slick and durable!

Perfect for any application that would benefit from lubrication!

Whatever type of replica you use, it requires lubrication to keep the air-retaining seals tight.

If they are not lubricated, they crack or wear out, resulting in leaks, poor accuracy and other problems.

Since 2006, we have been testing various recipes and mixtures in search of the perfect lubricant for a gun, paintball or airsoft gun in all weathers.

It's the best fat you can find for your gun.

We have tried the other fats on the market and it beats them all!

This is how we are convinced that our fat is the best!

This grease can be used on airlift guns, fishing reels, real firearms, bicycles, and anything else that would benefit from lubrication.

Super Smooth, not too thick or too thin, just enough.
Right where lubrication is needed!